Travel Guide to Mazatlan Webpage Update

April 4, 2008

Hello!  This marks our first month on the web, and I’m pretty excited.  For not knowing anything before starting this, I feel like I’ve learned a lot and I’m learning more every day.  The website is coming along splendidly, now I just need some traffic… ; ) But it’ll come.  Google finally got us into their index, and I spent the entire day yesterday uploading the URL into a bajillion other search engines.  Hopefully that will start to pay off soon, as will entering the site in the Stumbleupon database. 

The site is still in rudimentary stages but my goal is to have it a very user-driven site, where everyone can get their own word in.  Mazatlan is such a lovely place that people should be able to get the word out about great spots so other people can find them.  Now I’m finding out that I really need to go back there (purely for website research, of course;).

As it stands, we obviously have a limited number of restaurants, accommodations, etcetera.  But I don’t want to recommend places I know nothing about.  This is where you come in.  If you’ve been there, tell us what places/activities you liked.  I’ll greatly appreciate any reviews and of course give you credit where credit is due.  If you have your own website relating to Mazatlan or even travel in Mexico, contact me and we can perhaps do a link exchange.  I don’t like how fishy they can be, but I’m sure with someone trustworthy they can be good for both sites.  I just don’t want my link out in some link farm or something. 

If anyone has any comments, questions, or just wants to rant at me for something, leave a comment here, leave a comment back at http:/, or leave a comment in the guest book.

Next website addition: a web forum!  How exciting is that?  Bookmark my site and come back soon to see how it’s coming along!